Greeny Dip

Greeny Dip - Soup in a Dip for the first time ever.

Greeny Dip is not just a new innovative product – We take pride in the solutions we deliver to our customers.  It’s a choice that will make you feel the difference in your health. Greeny Dip has found the best way to add natural traditional food to our daily routine. Now a days staying fit, healthy is a daily chase for many of us.

Greeny Dip gives you the richness of Calcium, Iron, Protein, Energy and much more in a 60 second Dip drink. We take at most top priorities in customer satisfaction and the blending is made is such a way that kids to elderly will feel the power of traditional food with Greeny Dip.

Greeny Dip keeps the body Organic. You are what you eat. Eat right, stay fit & healthy with full of gladness with Greeny Dip!.  At Greeny Dip, the care that never quits.

Highlights of Greeny Dip:

Greeny Dip is easier to carry anywhere, wherever you travel. We have smartly optimized the timeline of preparing the traditional soup method from 20 mins to 60 secs with our plastic FREE diffusion bag. No Artificial flavor added and Hygienically double packed with high shelf life makes our product Unique.